Our Services

Our individualized services are tailored to your evolving needs.

Our goal is to help our clients maintain their independence and age in place for as long as possible.

We specialize in assisting clients with activities inside and outside the home. Whether you need weekly, monthly, or annual services we are here to meet your needs!


Errands & Shopping

Errands, groceries, doctor’s appointments, social outings.

We not only provide transportation to and from hospitals, doctor offices, therapy centers and other care facilities, but we wait with patients, ensure discharge instructions are clear, and then take clients back to their home.  This allows for less stress and confusion for the client as well as the family and has proven to have better outcomes for the health of the client.


We review bills, including hospital and physician invoices, utility bills, and subscription services, to ensure that you are not paying for services you don’t want or need. We can make sure the bills are being paid.

We can help with sorting the mail, filing important papers – even create a new file system if yours is not working. 

maintenance & management

We assist families with home organization and handle donating or discarding items that are no longer wanted or needed.

Downsizing & move management

We go through your belongings with you. We recycle, donate, and/or discard. We arrange to have photos digitized, shirts made into memory quilts – whatever will help you let go. If you are moving with your newly-streamlined possessions, we’ll pack boxes. We’ll unpack the boxes as well.

Hospital & Rehab-to-home

We will drive/escort discharged patients to home and arrange for the transition. To make sure newly-arrived home residents are comfortable, we go grocery shopping, stop at the pharmacy, leave a prepared meal, and ensure the patient is organized and comfortable.

hospital & rehab sitters

Do you need a few minutes to yourself while your loved one is in the hospital or rehab community? Let a concierge help reduce the anxiety, loneliness and boredom of the hospital or nursing home stay, give you a chance to get some air or give you an update on the situation.

Wellness care calls

Peace-of-mind for our clients and their families! We can make daily, weekly or monthly calls for things such as wake up call, medication reminders, activity reminders, wellness checks or just a brief conversation with a friendly voice on the other end of the phone.

Monitored Check-in Plan: This service is controlled by the client and is flexible. The client can call, email, or leave a message checking in daily 5 days a week.

Care Call Plan: Our representative will reach out to you or your loved one daily 5 days a week.

Wait at home services

Let us sit and wait while you do whatever is on your calendar. We accept deliveries requiring a signature; open the door for the plumber, electrician or cable company; make sure the new sofa or oven get placed in just the right spot.


We offer three convenient plans

Choose the one that works for you


  • A La Carte Services
  • Schedule as Needed
  • Billed Upon Service


  • Weekly or Monthly Visits
  • Preference in Scheduling
  • Monthly Billing Schedule


  • Project-Based
  • Hours Pre-determined
  • Paid in Advance