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Are you a senior who wants to remain in your home but needs help to do so? Are you worried about the safety and security of the senior in your life? Has transportation become an issue for your loved one? Would a helping hand make a difference?

Senior Concierge Services is here to help with all your needs.

We Are Here For:

  • Seniors who need a little support to remain independent and maintain their lifestyle
  • Adult children facing distance or demands that prevent them from giving their senior loved one the time and attention they need

We welcome a diverse clientele throughout Westchester and Fairfield Counties. Your needs will always be met with compassion and flexibility.

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Concierge Services

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+ Healthcare Assistance

+ Transportation

+ Companionship

+ Errands & Shopping

+ Home Management

+ Scheduling

+ Waiting Services

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Initial Visit:

  • This is always priced with a one-hour minimum and additional time calculated in 15-minute increments.
  • A fee equivalent to one hour will serve as a deposit.
  • Remaining fees are due and payable upon conclusion of service.
  • Hourly charges start from the time we arrive at the client’s residence.

Following Visits:

  • After the initial visit, arrangements may be made for a package or monthly membership.
  • Membership provides a sense of convenience as well as cost savings. Priority is given to member clients.
  • Plans are customized to the client’s individual needs.

As a Thank You For Referring New Clients, You Will Receive 25% OFF Your Next Hour of Service.

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Contact Us
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Liz Rolle


Our Mission
Senior Concierge Services empowers seniors to live a rewarding and engaged life by supporting them with compassion, patience, empathy and care while they remain in their homes. Our goals are independence, quality of life, contentment and longevity.

This means sustaining lives and lifestyles full of self-confidence and dignity while providing peace of mind for the senior and their family. We welcome all who need inclusive and flexible care.

Our Founder
Liz Rolle founded Senior Concierge Services, LLC due to the lack of quality resources for seniors who choose to remain in their homes. After working with families for more than three decades, she is closing gaps in services by providing a helping hand wherever needed with a focus on customized solutions and compassion.

Liz Rolle has worked in synagogue life for 35 years. In that time she has found working with older adults to be most fulfilling. The past 17 years allowed Liz to develop deep ties to the Stamford area, its community and resources.

Liz has served as an educator, teacher, chaplain, and even expert knitting teacher in the community while her two children grew up. There is nothing that gives her more pleasure than working with others to find solutions to life’s challenges. She is happy to remain in her home with her husband of over 30 years as long as practical.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a concierge?
A concierge supports the senior so they can maintain the lifestyle they’re used to. Senior Concierge Services offers a full range of services that can be tailored to fit your needs.

How much do concierge services cost?
Costs are based on each senior’s tailored needs. Arrangements can be made for a package or monthly membership depending on your lifestyle. Call 203-716-1242 or fill out the form to start a discussion about solutions that can work for you.

Are you a home health agency?
We are not a home health agency. However, we do provide services like taking seniors to their appointments, sitting in and note-taking when doctors give instructions, and picking up prescriptions. You can see our full range of services here.

How do you work with your client’s family?

We are dedicated to ensuring peace of mind for our seniors and their families. Whether the family lives far away or in the area we will keep them up to date on everything happening in their loved ones’ lives.

Do you provide referrals to doctors or other services?

If we don't already know exactly the right person, we will research and find what you need - whether a doctor, a home maintenance firm, or the source for a gift you've been looking for.

Are you affiliated with a health care agency or religious organization?

We are an independent company with knowledge of local resources including health care needs, vendors, agencies, stores, LGBT support, religious connections, and so much more.