Practical Pointers 
for Older Adults and their loved ones  

Susan went to her brother’s for Thanksgiving. Over the course of several hours  – family games, dinner preparations, together around the table – she and her siblings realized Mom had begun repeating herself.


Her husband, John, called his folks to say ‘Merry Christmas’ and he heard a tremor in his father’s voice he hadn’t noticed before.


These scenes played out all over the country in the last few weeks. People everywhere saw older family members in person after months of phone conversations. Suddenly it became clear that Mom, Dad or Aunt Helen wasn’t doing as well as they had been the last time you were together. Of course, none of those occasional lapses were mentioned on the phone over those months.

Discussions ensued. Sometimes with older family members, other times out of earshot. About housekeeping, driving, memory, piled-up paperwork. 


Sound familiar? 


This is why I created Senior Concierge Services – to support older adults in maintaining as much independence as possible while offering family members peace of mind, knowing that someone has their back – and their eyes, ears, and their hands, too. 

Our mission:

  • To keep your loved one safe by taking them to run errands, do some shopping
  • To help assure that important paperwork is kept up-to-date, and that the ‘junk’ goes in the garbage
  • To make sure there is food in the fridge – and that it’s fresh
  • To listen to their stories for the fifth, sixth and seventh times!
  • To be your eyes and ears when you can’t be there

Call us at 203-716-1242 and tell us about your situation. We’ll suggest ways we can help you, your loved one, or a friend.


Not your life situation? Do you need something else? Like help around the house, taking down the decorations, folding the laundry, picking up the dry cleaning…?


We can come over to take things off your hands, lighten the load on your shoulders, provide extra feet or wheels or whatever you need to get everything back up to speed.