Practical Pointers 

for Older Adults and Their Loved Ones  

Your to-do list just keeps getting longer…


To do or not to do?


It’s been a year since Senior Concierge Services opened here in Stamford, CT! Welcome to our newsletter, a monthly message of news and topics of interest to Older Adults, those who will become Older Adults, and for those who love Older Adults.


It’s been a year full of learning for me. One of the challenges in opening a new business is getting through the many little details. There’s so much to do. You probably know the feeling of staring at those seemingly-endless to-do lists.


Like me, you are also living a busy life. Looking at our to-do list, we often ask the question: How will I get it all done?


Here are some tips:

1. Where to start? Prioritize your list.

2. How long will it take to do each thing? Be generous in your estimate; you’ll make good use of the extra time if the task gets done in less time than you anticipate.

3. When will you do it? Think about when you will have time to finish a whole task or complete one full step uninterrupted. Take your energy level into consideration: some tasks require a clear head or some brawn; others you may be able to do in your sleep. Don’t do the easy stuff when you’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! Use that time for things that need the most energy or clarity.

4. So, when? Calendar it as an appointment with yourself.

5. Accept that you can’t get it all done. It’s true for all of us. Cross off the things that will never get done. Or… delegate.

6. Delegate! Time to stop and honestly ask the question: Who will do this? Does it have to be you? Is somebody else more able, more interested, more enthusiastic? If you are very busy, can you delegate a task to someone else who has more time for it?


Delegation! We all delegate more than we realize: to the lawn guy, the plumber, the hairdresser. At least one of those tasks, you probably wouldn’t dream of doing yourself. Sometimes we just need to delegate in order to maintain our balance, our time, or our sanity. 


Call Senior Concierge Services (203-716-1242) to take care of the to-do list items you don’t need to be doing yourself. Call us to help: with that bothersome decluttering chore, waiting for the roofer while you get on with your life, taking mom to the nail salon. Then you can cross it off your list.


Each month, we’ll post some practical ideas or new information we’ve learned. You’ll be informed, entertained, or enlightened with an actionable step you can take.