Are You Ready For Vacation

1 Tip, 1 To-Do & 1 Tough Topic
for Older Adults and their loved ones  

Many regard July 4th weekend as the unofficial start of summer. That’s when singles, couples, and families take off for their favorite leisure time destinations. This year, with Covid numbers down and people eager to resume one of the most treasured perks of living – vacation! Whether you prefer the beach, mountains, road trips, or international travel, it’s important to b prepared for where you’re headed, and to secure the homefront for your absence.


Plan ahead to be safe and comfortable

  • Check the weather and pack accordingly – it’s always best to pack light but don’t forget :
  • Hats to cover face, back of neck, ears.
  • Sun protection geared to your age. Kids are active and require frequent application of sunscreen. Check into bathing suits that provide extra protection. Older people have special needs, too, since the skin gets thinner as we age. Most of all, stay out of the sun as much as possible between the peak hours of 11 AM and 2 PM.
  • Sunglasses – If you can, invest in polarized lenses, which reduce glare from surfaces such as water and the road. If polarized lenses are not in your budget, make sure that your glasses protect against UV rays.
  • Insect protection, and if you’re hiking, remember to spray your shoes or boots.
  • Meds – refill any that may run out while you’re away

If your summer travel plans take you on a cruise, out of the country or to a more remote part of the U.S., be sure to buy travel insurance with emergency medical benefits and emergency medical transportation. Make a copy of your passport before leaving.


Don’t leave home without…

  • Re-setting the thermostat
  • Holding mail
  • Asking a friend or neighbor to drive by, do a spot check, and pick up any packages*
  • Emptying fridge of perishables and clearing the garbage disposal
  • Making sure inside and outside lights are set to go on
  • Notifying credit card company, especially if you’re traveling abroad
  • Contacting your cell phone company
  • Confirming all reservations
  • Notifying your home security system company
  • Paying any bills that may come due while you’re away
  • Making sure outside water spigots are tightly closed, but that lawn and plants get watered.*

*While you’re away, we at Senior Concierge Services are around, available to perform needed tasks and checks. We can also restock the fridge before you arrive home, water indoor plants.


Where have we been?

There’s a lot of moving going on! As one of our clients moved into a senior community, one of the things we did for her was to take her costume jewelry to our favorite estate sales people for them to sell. She’ll get a portion of the proceeds when all the dust settles.


We can do the same for you when we help prepare for downsizing.